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What's Her Name? Christina Bandru. And There's a Million Things She Hasn't Done, Just Yo

What’s her name? Bandru. And there’s a million things she hasn’t done, just you wait. Just you wait. The Great Lake Review is the only literary journal on SUNY Oswego campus. After staying up mad late and looking through all the previous covers on the SUNY Oswego's GLR archive about a week ago, I discovered that the GLR has been around Oswego since 1974, though the library archives start in 1975. We can only hope that there wasn't many important, crucial stories in the 1974 edition, for I fear it may be lost forever. GLR cover, March 1975 Though there have been some rocky years for the GLR, full years where there was no publication, or when there was editions that covered a full year instead

Clowns and Pizza for Breakfast

I was looking for an Oswego student that was published and I was thinking "Wow, this might be a little hard" but I got many people shooting their hands up saying they'd love to. I got the chance to speak with Collin Henderson via email about his publishing perspectives. Henderson was a part of Literary Citizenship in 2015 and he was the President of WOF, Writer's Open Forum. When I asked him what the piece was that got published, he mentioned it was horror. I'm a horror junkie and I was ecstatic to see what it was: "It's a horror- crime- comedy short story called That Clown Incident. It follows a cop in a haunted town in the fifty first state of America that everyone forgets about as he show

"Cherish the Early Years..."

Donna Steiner is a greatly loved and appreciated Creative Writing professor here at Oswego. She's taught a wide variety of classes from Intro to Poetry, Intro to Nonfiction, and Literary Citizenship. Steiner is not only known as a wonderful professor but a strong writer as well. I got to interview Steiner via email and ask her a few questions about her writing and experiences with publishing. Many people have different experiences which can alter their views on the publication progress. I deemed Steiner as perfect for this interview because she's seen students submit their work to publications and the effect it has on them and has also sent in her own work to various places. Steiner has had

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